It’s a Haul Y’all!!!

So I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now because I picked up these things a few months ago but with it being close to the holidays it seems like perfect timing.

So from previous post, you guys know that I am a big fan of BH Cosmetics. I think their products are great and super affordable.  We all know makeup is not cheap and if you don’t know well now you do!  In my opinion some products just aren’t worth forking over $50 for and some are unfortunately.  Once you find those expensive gems it’s hard not to continue to buy them.  I’m what you call a baller on budget…ok I’m not a baller but I am most definietly on a budget!! 🙂

I started working as a  freelance makeup artist a little over a year ago and I quickly learned that building a kit can get really expensive.  You obviously want to have some of the best products for your clients however not everything has to be over $50!!  With that being said,  I got a few things to add to my kit and thought I would share them with you guys.  If you are starting out as a makeup artist, I think these products are definitely super affordabale and products you need in your kit.

These are the things I purchased:

Spotlight Highlight – 6 Hightlight colors in one palette, this makes for easy storage and travel.  Its a one stop shop for highlighters.


Smoke ’n Mirrors Brush Set & V3 Vegan Contour Brush – The brush set comes with 10 brushes, super sleek with the silver slim handle.  The Contour brush is in the middle and is the perfect bronzer or blush brush.


Classic Blush Palette & Nude Blush Palette – 10 Colors in each palette and they are extremely pigmented so a little goes a long way. You really don’t need more than these in your kit and the packaging makes for easy storage and travel.


Studio Pro Matte Finish Pressed Powder (Color 205, 215, 230, & 235) – The coverage of these powders reminds me of the MAC Studio Powder but a third of the price.

All of this cost me…$50.98 to be exact!! (Insert shocked face here) I know right….that’s what I said too!! LOL

A couple weeks after this purchase I did also got their Natually Flawless Liquid Foundation, which let me tell you is worth the $7 I paid for it.

BH Cosmetics is always and I mean ALWAYS having a sale. I think I get an email from them at least 2 times a week with a new sale on their website.  Just an FYI, BH Cosmetics is also being sold in most Ulta stores and their website.  Ulta does only sell select products so just beware but you can find all these products on the BH Cosmetics website, just click the product link.

I think these would be great gifts and or stocking stuffers for the holiday season!  Stock up now while all the sales are happening and get ready to be surprised by the products.  I dont think they get enough credit for their products and I believe people think because it’s inexpensive it cant be good…well think again!  Being exposed to a lot of different products, I’m pretty sure I know good when I see it.

**This is not a sponsored post** BUT BH Cosmetics…hit a sista up!!! LOL