Lancôme Review

If it’s one thing this girl loves its the Home Shopping Network (HSN), who shops on the HSN anymore you ask?!  Well I do and I am not ashamed!!  I have purchased many things from HSN and the one thing that I have never been disappointed in, is their beauty department.  Over the past couple years, I have religiously watched The Beauty Report (every Thursday at 7pm CST) 🙂 and it never fails, they have the greatest deals and special products sometimes not found anywhere else.  For those of you, including me, on a budget they have the option for making monthly payments without having to wait until it’s paid in full before they ship the product; which makes it so much easier on the wallet.

One day scrolling through their website, I came across the Lancôme Make Me Blush Cheeks, Eyes, and Lips 3-piece Set. It’s originally retailed at $98 but was only $49!!  Now-a-days makeup is more expensive than your average tank of gas and it is rare that you find any set or kit for this great of a price, especially Lancôme.

The kit comes with all full size products of:

  • Blush Subtil Palette – Rose Flush (323)
  • Hypnose Mascara (Black),
  • Lip Gloss in Love Lipglaze – Rose Oscar


With all the makeup I currently have I don’t own any Lancôme products so I decided that it was time to give the brand a try. I made the purchase and it arrived on my doorstep in about five business days.  Of course, I’m the girl that can’t wait to dig into new makeup so I immediately opened it and started swatching the colors.


For top to bottom:

  • Blush Palette – Highlight, Pink, and Contour (yes, these are the names of the colors, not very creative but hey it makes sense)
  • Lip gloss in Rose Oscar.

So initial after swatching them on my forearm, my thought was that the highlight and contour colors weren’t going to show up with my skin tone.  I was wrong and pleasantly surprised when I tried them the following day that they worked great.

Here is a quick review on my purchase and the brand overall.

Highlight: The highlight is a very subtle, pinky rose color.  I think this color would work great with any skin tone and will give a great glow without overdoing it.  Quick tip: if you spray your brush with MAC Fix + or a small amount of water, it will give you an even more intense highlight and Lord knows I love an intense highlight.  Like they say; if you can’t see my highlight from space then what’s the point?! Ha!

Pink: The blush is a true matte pink.  It is very pigmented and you’ll only need to apply the smallest amount; too much can go way too far really quickly.  Good for all skin tones.

Contour: I just knew for sure the contour color would be too light; however it ended up being perfect.  On the website and in the pictures the color looks more bronze than it actually is in person.  In person, the color is more of a grayish brown, very similar to Subconscious from the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette.  This gives you the best contour without looking like you got slapped with bronzer.

Gloss in Love Lipglaze (Rose Oscar): This gloss is pretty sheer.  You won’t get too much color out of it but if you are looking for something very natural, this is definitely great for that.  Like many glosses, it is sticky but long lasting which is nice.

Hypnose Mascara: Let me just put this out there right now…I AM THE BIGGEST MASCARA JUNKY!! It is one of my all-time favorite makeup products; something I never leave home without.  The CON to this, is that it makes me super picky when purchasing new mascaras and always extra skeptical.  One first try, this didn’t give me the oomph I was looking for but I stuck with it and gave it another try!  Sometimes you just have to give things a second chance and when I did; I loved it!  It gave my lashes the volume and length I look for in all mascaras without causing them to look clumpy.  The second coat added even more fullness and still no clumps!

Overall, the Lancôme Make Me Blush Cheeks, Eyes, and Lips 3-piece Set is well worth the money. The blush palette is creamy and buttery which makes for a smooth and easy application. Not only can this palette be used for the face but the colors can also be used as eyeshadows.  The mascara is amazing and is now one of my top picks for high end mascaras.  The gloss, although not very pigmented, is a very natural shade that can go on top of any color for that added sheen and plumpness.  This set has been in my purse/makeup bag since the day I received it and I know for sure will be in my travel bag.  Not only does it have everything you need, but it’s the perfect size for any makeup bag or travel makeup case.  If you can make this purchase, do it! In my opinion, you wont regret it.


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Happy Shopping!!

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